Katie Queen of Bops

Baby Bop is the brainchild of a girl named Katie. From a very young age Katie always wanted to dance. In fact, she loved dancing so much that, at the age of 16 she packed her bags, said goodbye to her wonderful family and headed to the bright lights of London to pursue her dream.

After years of training, many a sore hamstring and enough Lycra to stretch from Land’s End to John O’Groats, she fulfilled her ambition to become a professional dancer. She danced and danced, all over the world. She tapped her heart away in the musical 42nd Street; twirled across the Atlantic on a luxury cruise liner; donned the show girl feathers touring with Bryan Ferry; tried to style the nation in commercials for Debenhams; struck a pose in shoots for Tatler and GQ; and lets not forget, performed with Take That at the concert for Diana, at Wembley Stadium.

After 10 years of twirling, tapping, hoofing, grooving, shimmying, and more jazz hands than Pans People, Katie decided it was time to hang up her dancing shoes and make her nest in a green and leafy street in West London.

Trouble is, once you’ve caught the dancing bug it’s very hard to stop.

She tried a job in fashion but got cramp in the stock cupboard; had grand ideas of interior design but gave herself a stitch hanging curtains; had a break-up with make-up and total public relation devastation.

What to do, what to do! Katie pondered, and then pondered some more, she thought to herself, ‘I want to do something with children.’ And boom, there it was. She already had three dance associates alongside her, so why not? Dancing for children! As Doris Day belted out Secret Love on the old Roberts radio, the clouds parted, and BABYBOP was born. Hallelujah!


No.1 dance class for 2 – 4 year olds in London

Welcome to the fabulous world of BABYBOP where we say ‘Nobody puts baby in a corner’! If you and your child love to boogie then look no further you’ve come to the right place.

BABYBOP is a unique high energy dance class designed to turn your 2 – 4 year olds into the smoothest of groovers.
We look at many styles of dance from Broadway and Latin to Disco and Pop, and to make our classes fun for both parent and child we only play the coolest music in town. Nursery Rhymes to the back of the queue, BABYBOP pupils will BE-BOP-A-LULA down to the most enviable of playlists.

Children and carers alike will have ‘The Time Of Their Lives’ perfecting our inspired dance routines. We change the class plans each half term and vow never to repeat the same class twice making our sessions fresh, innovative, and top of the bops. Our original theme ideas are drawn from a wealth of experience in the entertainment business by our founder, a professional dancer with a career that spans over two decades.

You’ll see plenty of colourful props at BABYBOP which are always clean, best quality, and often specially commissioned by us. Hoops, hats, dance ribbons and pompoms are just some of the items used in our dance routines to help keep little ones engaged whilst working on a number of skills.

It goes without saying that dance is a wonderful way to keep your toddlers fit and healthy but we also strive to inspire and give confidence to the children that walk through our doors. The class environment is always positive, encouraging, and caring, and as classes are kept to a maximum of 12 every child is made to feel special during their time at BABYBOP.

No.1 dance class for 4 – 6 year olds in London

KIDDYBOP classes are designed for children aged 4 - 6 years and serves as a follow on from BabyBop however, no previous Bop experience is required ! KiddyBop works in similar way to it's younger sibling but with more complex dance routines and choreography to learn. With both classes everybody experiences a FREE trial session before enrolling.

NEW! PopBop

We are now offering fun dance classes for older children in the form of PopBop. Popboppers will learn commercial dance routines to songs currently being played in the charts. This class is suitable for children aged 4 - 7 years.

Hi my name is Ruby
and I live in Notting Hill

My mummy found me in Pet Kingdom, Harrods which sounds really posh... If only they knew I came from Scunthorpe! I love playing with children and take my job as BABYBOP mascot very seriously.

When I’m not fulfilling my mascot duties I like to relax by watching wildlife programmes and chewing socks and shoe laces. If you see me around please say hi.... I might be a doggy celebrity but I’m still a regular kind of pooch.

See if you can spot me on the site!

Name: Ruby
Alter Ego: Ruby the adventure dog!
Species: Canine
Breed: Beagle
Sex: Female
DOB: 02.12.10
Occupation: BABYBOP Mascot, Member of the Board, Super Hero.
Favourite Food: Anything I can get my paws on
Favourite Song: Hound Dog by Elvis Presley
Favourite Movie: Cats and Dogs, Marley and Me (not the end bit though!), Dirty Dancing (my mum made me say that!)
Naughtiest Habit: Chewing my mum’s boxing boots and rolling in fox dirt
Favourite things: Walks in the park, tennis balls and sticks, boat trips and plane rides, rock and roll


If you would like to try one of our classes, please Contact Us prior to attending. This is to ensure that there is space (we take a maximum of 12 children) and for any timetable amendments. READ MORE ABOUT OUr CLASSES


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