BABYBOP Parties are
a cut above the rest!

Sorry but we just don’t think creepy clowns, stuffy puppet shows, bad jokes and dated magic are worthy choices for our favourite little people.

When you book a party with us you can be safe in the knowledge that your party will go with a bang and your child will be talking about it for a very long time....

BABYBOP offers party entertainment for children aged 2 – 10 years in London and surrounding areas.

What do we offer? A 2 hour BABYBOP party includes....

  • Personalised Playlist and Speakers
  • Disco lights
  • Selection of inflatable musical
    instruments and microphones
  • Dress up boxes for boys and girls
  • Children’s temporary tattoo’s and
    glitter gel make-up
  • Dance class props to include hoops,
    pompoms, dance ribbons, hats, and
    our large themed flags
  • 45 minute themed dance class
  • Party games
  • Bubble machine
  • Stickers
  • Card and gift for the birthday child
  • Printable BABYBOP invitation design

BABYBOP pupils receive
a special PARTY discount

What happens? A 2 hour classic BABYBOP party starting at 15:00 will go a little something like this!

14:00 Behind the scenes: The BABYBOP mobile is crammed full of fresh as a daisy party kit and on it’s way to your venue. We aim to arrive no later than 30 minutes before the start of the party to introduce ourselves and to set everything up.

15:00 Party begins: Lights, check. Music, check. Time to get dressed! Children go wild in our fancy-dress boxes, we apply fake tattoo’s and face glitter until the majority of your guests have arrived.

15:20 Lets Dance: Party invitees will dance their socks off to one of our fabulous themed dance classes. Check out our favourites in the chart below.

16:00 Time for Food: Your party host will maintain the party vibe with cool tunes and is on standby to help with seating children, counting in the singing of ‘Happy Birthday’ and entertaining those that want to play.

16:30 Burn this disco out (and the sugar): Party games, Crazy dancing, Photo’s, Dance offs – we keep the children moving until home time.

17:00 I’ve had the time of my life: Children go home on a sugar free high! You breath a sigh of relief and wait for the complimentary emails to come rolling in.

Party IDEAS:

A Babybop party can be tailored especially for your child, so If you have a party idea/theme that is not mentioned on the site and would like to discuss it, then please contact us.
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