“Are we going to BABYBOP today?

“I want to be like Katie!” These are things Lily says EVERY DAY. She must be your No.1 fan. I’m not sure how she will cope over the break.... Thank you so much Katie!”

“It is a lovely feeling at the end of the day to know that Theo had a very happy, happy birthday party.

I just finished downloading videos and pics and they tell it all – just precious. Thank you from ALL of us – you did such an amazing job making this day fun. You have such fantastic energy and truly are gifted with children. We are all very lucky you’ve chosen this as your profession!”

“Thanks so much for a fab party today.

Felix went to bed utterly exhausted, but on cloud 9. I asked him his best bit and of course it was the Mamma Mia dancing!”

“She keeps talking about it!

I just wanted to say a big thank you for doing Aurora's party, it was really great. We really enjoyed seeing all the little ones dancing - they all seemed to have such a good time - and it was especially nice to see Aurora finally joining in. She keeps talking about it and seems to think that everyday there's going to be a babybop party!”


You totally rocked the party and everyone I talked to cannot stop talking about Baby Bop. Thank you so much.”

“Thank you for running such a great child friendly class.

Lucy loves it and talks about you and the class constantly. I have tried lots of baby dance/music classes and yours is by far the best (in my opinion anyway!).”

“The kids just adore you.

Thank you once again for entertaining the kids and keeping the party moving yesterday.  You really did a wonderful job and I can't thank you enough.”

“She did not stop dancing which was wonderful to see.

Well done for Friday - I have had lots of compliments on the party so much of which was down to you. Chloe absolutely loved it and keeps telling people about you very proudly.”

“Thank you so much for making Ruby’s party a terrific success.

You put some much energy and enthusiasm into leading the children’s dancing and everyone had a terrific time. We got TONS of people telling us what a great time their kids had.”


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