BABYBOP classes
are a fusion of dance, fitness and fun!

BABYBOP classes are high energy and imaginative, serve as an introduction into the performing arts, aim to build confidence, develop social skills, and by nature improve and develop good posture and poise, balance,co–ordination, flexibility, rhythm and timing.

We use elements of a variety of dance styles to include: Jazz, Street, Pop, Lyrical, Musical Theatre, Latin, Tap, Modern, Ballet, Acrobatics, Contemporary and Bollywood.

BB pupils follow two class plans per term which gives them a real opportunity to perfect their dance routines through repetition, and to learn something about the themes which are usually based on a music genre or decade of music, a style of dance, or something topical such as a global sporting event.

We might go by the name of BABYBOP but there is nothing babyish about our classes - we explore grown up themes in a clever child friendly way.

Here are some of the themes we have explored
in the past....

Music from the 70’s
Music from the 80’s
Latino Bambino
London 2012 Olympics
The World Cup
BABYBOP in da Club
Strictly Come Dancing
The X Factor
Musicals and the Movies
Born in the USA
Rule Britannia
Summer Holiday

BABYBOP teachers are all CRB checked and have Public Liability Insurance.

The Classes:

(2 – 4 yrs)

BABYBOP is designed for children aged 2 – 4 years (where possible classes will be split 2-3 and 3-4) Children from 18 months are welcome to attend for a trial.

This class does require some participation from a carer however as confidence builds adults can take a back seat or (more often than not) choose to join in the fun.
Like any good dance class we kick things off with an energetic warm-up which is then followed by a number of dance routines performed to music. Each routine works on either a skill such as ‘jumps’ or is performed with a prop to include hula hoops, dance ribbons, pompoms, hats and our giant themed flags.
After all the running, jumping and twirling we end each class with a cool down and some relaxation so that (fingers crossed) you and your baby bopper will leave us feeling cool, calm and collected.
(4 – 6 yrs)

This dance class is designed for children aged 4 – 6 years as a follow on from BABYBOP.

Don’t be shy if you’re a BABYBOP novice - you don’t need any previous experience to join this class. KB works in a similar way to BABYBOP in that it follows a musical theme and incorporates the use of props however choreography and routines are more complex and taught at a faster pace. This is a high energy kiddie work out with extra emphasis on performance and technique. KB pupils will perform in groups, partners and individually.

NEW Classes!:

If you would like to see BabyBop in your area do drop us a line. We're always on the lookout for new Bop studios, and can offer any of our programmes at your nursery or school. We're currently in the process of developing a new class for younger children too. Watch this space!
AM Notting Hill
09:45 - 10:30
10:45 - 11:30
BABYBOP 2 – 4 years, ♦KIDDYBOP 4-6 years

Class Duration:45 MINUTES


Start date - Wednesday 22nd September
End date - Wednesday 8th December
Half term - 25th - 30th October
THEME - Strictly Come Bopping and Bop for Climate Change
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